About us

Home beauty and unique living spaces. Realistic Blooms is a selection of silk floral arrangements for the home, events and gifts offered by Sharon Nagassar Designs LLC (a bridal flower company). We have been hand crafting floral items since 2005.

My name is Sharon Nagassar. I have been creative since I was a child. My creative passions grew with time as I dabbled with graphic design, art, charcoal drawings and photography which all play a part in the company.

Floral design became my focus in 2005 and in 2007 I formed a Limited Liability Company as Sharon Nagassar Designs LLC while residing in Pennsylvania. As of 2019 we are located in Virginia. Building the company allows me to bring all of my creative abilities together.

Sharon Nagassar Designs LLC is a design studio, producing hand crafted floral items for weddings, events, home decor and gifts. We work directly with each customer, tailoring each order to meet the specific taste of every person we work with.

When working on weddings or custom designs, pictures and/or videos of the completed products are provided to every customer before shipping. These can be found on our site in our Shipping approval gallery or on our Facebook page at this link http://bit.ly/SNDfacebk

Our first online shop started on Ebay in 2005 and our reviews are still accessible at this link http://bit.ly/SNDebay

By 2008 our second online shop was up and running as our very own website, SharonNagassarDesigns.com. As the years passed, we got busier and busier and so we created an Order tracking page on our website where our customers could stay informed. Having fulfilled hundreds and hundreds of orders, our tracking or order history is a testimony to our design and customer experience: http://bit.ly/SNDhistory

Over the years our customers have shared their beautiful wedding pictures with us, have sent us many heartfelt emails of thanks and left wonderful reviews that sometimes move me to tears. It truly is a great feeling to create something for a very important day in someone's life. We choose to keep the emails private but here are a few public reviews some of our customers left us over on Weddingwire.com at this link http://bit.ly/SNDwedwire

​In 2014 we brought our designs to the Etsy market place where we continued to create floral pieces that both we and our customers envisioned. This shop would be our third store. Selling through Etsy gives our customers even more options for ordering so we made it our main order taking system and coupled with their easy shipping interface, our customers now received a direct email with a package tracking link. With the use of this shipping tool, we no longer need to update our tracking page so we have instead posted images from the store statistics, in reference to order history.

By 2016 we decided to use our design experience and flower stock to create floral pieces that would meet the needs of customers who were shopping for gifts or home décor and not just weddings. This would be our forth store and would offer floral arrangements and centerpieces for the home or events. This store is called Realistic Blooms. As of 2019, we are deciding whether or not to merge this shop with Sharon Nagassar Designs so that all of our products could be found on one website instead of two. (Will update once decided). We've posted images from this store as well in our order history page for reference.

We love receiving pictures from our customers so please don't hesitate to send them. It's always a proud moment and reminder of how much I love creating and working with my customers.

Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to design for you, for giving us work and for keeping us creative all these years! Sincerely, Sharon Nagassar